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Webinar: Automated Heat Sink Assembly: Produce More at Lower Cost

Heat sinks are necessary in a variety of electronic products and the assembly of them during the manufacturing process has historically presented problems when using human operators. It’s also been difficult to automate heat sink assembly using first generation automation equipment as its custom nature didn’t accommodate the variability in heat sink types.

Join Stevan Dobrasevic, Product Marketing Director at Bright Machines, to see how next generation automation brings the flexibility needed to automate heat sink assembly and create an assembly line that can produce more units at a lower cost.

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In this free webinar, you will learn how:

Flexible next generation automation solutions can handle a wide variety of heat sink types

Software and machine vision enable quick changeovers among heat sink types

Automation increases production capacity while also lowering the cost per unit produced

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Stevan Dobrasevic

Product Marketing Director,  Bright Machines

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