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EMS 2.0: How To Remain Competitive in Electronics Manufacturing

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Factory automation veteran and Bright Machines VP Electronics Segment Bartosz Mazurek will discuss how intelligent software is helping reimagine manufacturing and the opportunity it offers to leapfrog your competition with a best-in-class smart factory.

Learn how Industry 4.0 technologies, including cloud computing and computer vision, can be used to cost effectively bring automation to the back end of the production line which traditionally uses manual labor for assembly and inspection.

Discover how assembly automation reduces the number of human touch points required, resulting in improved units produced per hour and decreased number of defects. We’ll get you on your way to creating an advanced factory ready to make today’s advanced electronic products.

America’s Most Promising AI Companies


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Top Enterprise Startups to Bet Your Career On

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In this webinar, you will discover how to remain competitive in the electronics manufacturing world by learning:

How industry 4.0 technologies can be used in a practical way in your factory

How automation can increase units produced per hour

How reconfigurable robotic equipment can be used to automate assembly and inspection stages


Bartosz Mazurek

VP Electronics Segment, Bright Machines

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