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Webinar: How to take on automation for the first time

Start Date: January 27th, 2020 | 8 AM PST

You may have been thinking about automation for a while now but aren’t sure how to get started.  Which assembly line process should you automate first?  How do you ensure stability on your line?  Which technologies are most applicable for your needs?  Join Stevan Dobrasevic, Product Marketing Director at Bright Machines, as he discusses key points to consider when embarking on your first automation project.

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In this free webinar, you will learn how:

To identify the best projects for automation within your factory

Scheduling tips for planning your first automation project

Dependable automation uptime can be achieved by avoiding common pitfalls

Top Enterprise Startups to Bet Your Career On

2019 Technology

America’s Most Promising AI Companies

Your webinar host

Stevan Dobrasevic

Product Marketing Director

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